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Understanding Philippine Food Security as a Way to Understand Ourselves

Positive Future #756 (Feature photo – Philippine Children –  CCA SA 3.0 Unported, Anton Zelenov)

Mindanao Times journalist Patmei Bello Ruivivar brings us insights to Philippine food security that has messages for the whole world. The nation’s food security was insufficient and has become even more so with the virus curtailment actions. A small Island nation of 110 million people, the inadequacy of Philippine food security is a condition that is at the doorstep of every nation in the world to varying degrees. As more actual numbers come to surface about the coronavirus, seems that there are much larger emergencies that are being overlooked and from which our attention has been directed away. The U.S. has some 45 to 50 million food insecure people.

The story is about growing your own food under what they call the Davao Food Revolution. In a nation where 95 Filipino children die everyday from malnutrition and about 7 million suffer from serious malnutrition, seems that food and its production is the cause to rally around. Leaders of the Davao Food Revolution even got the Philippine National Police Regional Office to convert their campus into edible gardens. You can read the full story here:

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