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Do CAFOs, Global Food Trade and African Swine Fever Create an Unmanageable Food Tremor?

Touch the Soil News #1401 (Feature photo – African Swine Fever Virus – CC BY-SA 3.0,

Confinement animal feeding operations (where there are concentrations of pigs), the global pork meat trade and the spreading African Swine Fever are creating an unprecedented food tremor. News about how African Swine Fever is not contagious to people is always the first statement by news reporters.

However, the fact that African Swine Fever is not contagious to people is not the issue. At issue is that millions and millions of pigs around the globe are being exterminated to stop the spread. So far, no effective antidotes have been discovered.

The looming economic crises from collapsing swine operations and the resulting shortage of pork meat are at this point causing concern among the experts. How far will this African Swine Fever epidemic go?

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