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The Future of Transportation

Positive Future #655 (Feature photo – Individual Transportation – Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic, Nomad)

In many ways, the future of transportation is not only technology driven, but also economics. It’s no secret that most of the heaviest polluting cars are older cars owned by people challenged to finance expensive new cars. For a large portion of the American public (The Federal Reserve estimates 40 percent) an unanticipated $400 expense could result in a household financial crisis.

In transportation news, CleanTechnica journalist Dr. Maximillian Holland reports that Tesla’s Shanghai, China Gigafactory is turnout out 1,000 Model 3 cars a week. For many people, the move away from polluting technologies is good, but will this new electrification technology bring down the price of individual transportation? You can read the full story here:

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  1. Nice one!!

    I would like to share statistics of US market size for transportation industry from 2010 – 2020 which you may be interested in seeing:

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