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World Food Program Message – Awakening

Touch the Soil News #1959 (Photo –  WFP Logo – Public Domain)

The Word Food Program (WFP) is a division of the United Nations.  They are the boots on the ground, bringing emergency food to nations in trouble.  You’ve all seen the pictures of helicopters making food drops, trucks arriving full of food commodities and jets arriving to unload tons of foodstuffs.

The WFP says it supports, to varying degrees, 123 countries and territories.  What is shocking about this 123 country number, is that there are only 195 countries in the world.  The WFP explains that the key reasons for hunger include conflict, changes in climate, and economic shocks.

American’s can relate to economic shocks, from supply chain kinks to inflation.  While this is not a message the sky is falling, it is certainly an invitation to question and re-invent food-chain logistics to include grow your own, regional food hubs and new approaches to inventory depth.  The WFP is also a member of the Farm to Market Alliance, supporting the development and success of local and urban growers.

You can read more about the WFP here:

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