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Community Canneries – Still Going in the U.S.

Touch the Soil News #1978 (Photo – Community Cannery 1943 in Jeffersontown, Kentucky  – Courtesy of the U.S. Farm Security Administration – Public Domain

Community Canneries are still operating in many parts of the nation.  The origin of the county or community cannery came about during World War I, along with the vintage “Victory Garden” concept. Just prior to officially entering the war, the U.S. government, in response to a growing demand for food for the troops around the world, began a nationwide campaign.

Today, you can still bring your produce to a larger community commercial kitchen that has all the facilities for taking canning to the next level.  Often times these community canneries have managers and people with canning experience there to help.

Following is a list of community canneries in the United States with contact information.

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