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Hungry in the Middle of an Agricultural Utopia

Touch the Soil News #1890 (Feature Photo – Latin America – CCA SA 3.0 Unported, Mexican Golden Eagle)

Foodtank News brings up an interesting question regarding Latin America: How is it that, given our wealth of agricultural resources, we always seem to find ourselves on hunger’s precipice? After all, of the world’s 12 so-called mega diverse countries, five of them—Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru—are in Latin America.  So what might the problem be?

Latin America is made up of Mexico, Central America, the continent of South America, and the Caribbean Islands – 660 million people. Estimates are that over 40 percent of the people (265 million people) are food insecure. Obviously the problem is not resource-based, but how those nations are organized financially and economically.

When that many people don’t have the financial mechanisms to produce and distribute food for themselves, they need to have financial and economic summits every month, with required attendance of the top financial and economic officials of every one of the 26 nations in Latin America. What do you think?

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