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Remarkable Woman Community Gardener of O’Fallon Illinois

Touch the Soil News #1922 (Feature Photo – O’ Fallon Garden Club – Courtesy of O’ Fallon Garden Club)

Many community gardens are places where people just show up to tend to their individual plot. However, Carolyn Sitzes of O’Fallon, Illinois (33,000 people) founded a remarkable community garden. O’Fallon Garden Club is a vibrant organization that has donated over 30,000 lbs. of produce to local food pantries.  With 100 members, the club has an amazing array of committees that we’ve listed here:

‘1. Apiary   2.Awards   3. Community Garden   4. Fundraising   5. Historian   6. Landscaping   7. Membership   8. Parks and Rec liaison   9. Programs   10. Publicity   11. Scholarships   12. Youth Coordinator.

Organized in 2010, one can only ponder how much this community garden has done for the lives of others and its members.  Here is the link to their organization.

You can watch the video below.

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