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Strong Dollar (from high interest rates) Impact Agricultural Exports

Touch the Soil News #2037 (Grain Terminal & Train Moving Grain for Export) (Courtesy of USDA, Public Domain)

Successful Farming News Portal brings an interesting story about farm exports.  The focus of the story is on how high interest rates artificially increase the value of the U.S. dollar relative to other currencies.  As such, nations buying what America has grown (and they need it desperately) can’t afford to buy as much and it is hurting exports.  What do you think?  Do high interest rates solve inflation, or are there more externalities that offset any inflation calming as a result of using high interest rates.  You can read the full story here.,one%20factor%20hampering%20commodity%20exports.&text=Title%3A%20Business%20Management%20Editor%2C%20Successful%20Farming.

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