Amazing But True

The USDA reports 1954 was Americas “peak” farmland year, when it was farming 1,206,355,000 acres. There was never as many acres farmed before or after. The latest USDA survey of farmland shows farmed acres have declined to 897,400,000 acres in 2019. This equates to a net loss of 308,955,000 acres since 1954 – a stunning [...]
By: Benjamin Gisin In 1935, America had approximately 6,800,000 farm enterprises – most of them family farms - according to the USDA. By 2020, farm numbers had dropped to 2,023,400 farm enterprises. Most of the 4,777,600 farms that disappeared since 1935 occurred in a 55-year span from 1935 to 1990 – at a rate of [...]
Constantly on the lookout for solutions to problems with commercial fertilizers and finding the right micro-nutrients, Billy Egan finally had a breakthrough. Through word of mouth, Egan was told about Kelp4Less. Kelp4Less just happened to be in Idaho Falls. Egan contacted Brandon at Kelp4Less who came to the greenhouses to see and understand the situation. [...]
Billy Egan is a third-generation greenhouse nursery entrepreneur working in the family business called Egan’s Greenhouse. The business was started in Bedford, Wyoming in 1969 and grew from a few plants to 40,000 square feet of greenhouse space. In 1989, the business moved to their present location in Idaho Falls. Idaho Falls, Idaho is a [...]
For decades, the trend for farmers and ranchers has been larger spreads with more chemicals and more mining of the soil. But is that the answer? Having a conversation with David King, of Brenham, Texas reveals that another approach is more in line with the modern world – farmers should think of themselves not as [...]
How do you feed and nurture 4,650 heads of lettuce in a vertical 4-tier hydroponic growing configuration? Water (with nutrients) is pumped to the top bed where the lettuce heads are immersed in the solution. The water then flows down through the remaining three tiers and back into a 2,000-gallon underground tank. Each tier holds [...]