Bloom Enhancers

What are Bloom Enhancers?

Bloom enhancers will add weight and bulk to your harvest, increasing quality, size and yield of your fruit and flower production. Our bloom enhancers are highly pure additives which are nutrient rich in phosphate and potassium, elements proven to trigger fruit and flower production for any fruiting or flowering plant.

When to use them?

Start using our bloom enhancers when you see signs of fruit set, flowers, or buds developing on your plants. Many of these products have been specially formulated to enhance and increase size, quality, yield and aroma of your fruits and flowers. Works best when combined with our Bloom Packs during your bloom nutrient regimen.

Fruiting and Flowering 101?

In the flowering stage, your plants’ energy is diverting to flowering – producing fruit, flowers, seeds, etc. for the propagation of its’ own existence. This is the stage every gardener looks forward to, as it is a visual reward for your hard work.

How often do I apply?

Well, everyones fruiting and flowering period will be different in length, but usually a weekly application of our bloom enhancers will do the trick.

Remember, when you are overlapping or using more than one of our bloom enhancer products together, make sure you dilute the rate as both Phosphorus and Potassium do have potential to burn.

If you have any questions about application rates or combining bloom enhancer products, please contact us. We pride ourselves in our excellent product knowledge and customer service

Bud Hardener:

Helps stimulate flower development in all stages of bloom, for an increase in the size and mass of flowers/fruits. Enhances taste and aroma as well.

May be applied by itself or in combination with other fertilizer or nutrient product. Best when used in conjunction with our Bloom Packs for your bloom cycle regimen.

“Your new Bud Harderner formula is great, as good or better than the discontinued Gravity.”

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Why do our Bloom Enhancers work so well?

– Well, they are formulated that way. Bloom Enhancers incorporate a wide range of products which are nutrient rich in Phosphate and Potassium to make your fruits and flowers burst in size. Also includes, Organic Acids, such as, Kelp and Humic Acid acting as a great catalyst to mix with and enhance all other nutrients. Along with Fulvic Acid to ensure proper nutrient uptake and use of all the elements we are incorporating for flower production.

Premium Ingredients

All ingredients in Bud Hardener reflect the same high standards of product sourcing that define our other products.

Guaranteed Results

Bud Hardener has been formulated, tested and proven to increase flower production for your plants. Guaranteed.

Bloom Enhancers will give you the harvest you have been waiting for. Stimulate flower development in any bloom stage with potassium and phosphate, for an increase in the size of your flowers and fruits.

Add density and mass to any fruit or flower with our bloom enhancers. Enhance flavor, aroma and essential oils too.

When using our Bloom Packs, make sure to supplement with Cal Mag along with the Bloom Packs. Calcium and Magnesium are essential nutrients and must be applied with our Bloom Packs.


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