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Hanging on to Your Region’s Physical Productivity

Touch the Soil News #2017 (photo Subsistence Agriculture Southeast Spain- (CCA 4.0 International, Santalba )

In a world busy chasing after dollars, which certainly is important, we can overlook other things which are also important.  The resources and productivity of what is in our region.  A couple of reasons this is important, is because government rescue efforts are based upon sending dollars into a region, as the Federal Government, State Government, County Governments and City Government have no pantry.  Dollars only have value if there is something to buy.  And, the private sector has no pantry either for an emergency.  In fact the private sector business landscape is defined by just-in-time inventory.  The bananas you want to buy arrive at the store just-in-time for you to pick it up.  Not before, but just in time.

While global trade is important, it also follows the just in time model.  This means any tremor in the supply of any basics from food to lumber can leave the world temporarily stranded and extremely stranded in some areas.  Mongabay news portal brings some interesting insight to the importance of your region’s productivity.  You can read the story here:

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