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Physical Assets as Opposed to Financial Assets – Water Being One of Them

Touch the Soil News #2016 (photo – Water Spigot- (CCA 3.0 Unported, Schyler )

The Vancouver Sun (from British Columbia, Canada) presented a fairly in-depth assessment of the city of Vancouver’s municipal water situation.  When reading through the article, the question that arises is how familiar are we to the water security of our own town.  If we wanted to grow food at home, and the city put a restriction on water use, what would we do?  Vancouver, Canada is part of a larger metro area of over 3 million people.  This article has even more relevance if you live in a metro area of any size.

If a person had lots of financial wealth but no physical wealth, where are they?  They are in the same place as the person with less financial wealth.  Physical assets are an undervalued form of wealth that as time moves forward, may well be a greater part of overall wealth.

The solution to water prosperity is for a city’s citizens to understand how their city works and get involved in promoting solutions and expansions.

You can read the full story here:

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