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Cherishing the Land

Touch the Soil News #2018 (photo – Allotment Garden Plots in the UK- (CCA SA 2.0 Generic – Attribution: Romsey Allotment Gardens by Roy Hughes)

Cities in modern times often came to be by paving over good farmland.  Now, farmland, or even just gardening plots can be hard to come by in you live in a big city.  Take the city of London, England for example.  There are over 30,000 people waiting to get a plot of land to grow food.  Allotment garden plots (community garden plots in America) now have five-year waiting lists.  In some places it can be a 15 year waiting list.  The upshot here for Americans is to cherish land and water.  With most Americans living in their own homes, chances are high that there is some land and municipal water associated with the home.  You can read the full story here to get a fresh perspective of what you may already own.

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