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Is California Showing Signs of 3rd World Conditions?

Positive Future #592 (Feature photo – Power Lines – CCA SA 3.0,

PG&E, the giant California utility responsible for poor transmission lines that cause fires and deaths has come up with a new plan. If the risks are too high for their existing power lines to cause fires, just shut off the power. That is exactly what they did to 738,000 customers in 34 counties last week. Business doors were closed, food spoiled in grocery store and no one could do anything.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on the backlash from the Governor’s office and the Public Utilities Commission saying the way it was handled was unacceptable, but you can still shut the power off for 12-hour segments. Unfortunately, this is the sign of failure where the model for supplying electricity has failed and no one is suggesting something radically different. If this leads to change, it will be positive. You can read the full story here:

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